The COVID19 pandemia has been a strong problem for the groups that belong to Redes Cristianas for many reasons. In addition to the health and economical problems, the use of internet and online meetings as the only possibility for having contact among the members of the groups, has been a problem for some groups where almost all members have difficulties with the use of internet for meetings.

However, the organization of online meetings have had the advantage of letting many people to participate, regardless the places where they live in Spain.

In addition to what we publish in our web page, in particular, editorials and press releases, some of the main activities in this period are:

The Latin American organization SICSAL ( Christian International Service of Solidarity with the Latin – American people “Óscar Romero” ) has organized an International Alliance, CONVIDA20 and Redes Cristianas is participating quite actively in some of the working groups.

Christmas 2020 online meeting: it was very positive, many people attended and each group expressed a Christmas message to the rest.

March 2021 online meeting about inmigration: it was also very positive. There was a talk by a judge of the Canary Islands who is very committed with the big problem they have there with so many inmigrants arriving from Africa risking their lives travelling in very weak small boats. After the talk we had some time for dialogue.

Our next general meeting was scheduled for May 2020 in Tenerife, it was cancelled and now we are organizing instead a ZOOM Meeting scheduled for October 2021. We hope that many people participate in the workshops etc.


May 15, 2021.